Sam Smith Features Burna Boy in New Single Dubbed 'My Oasis'

by kabura Ng'ang'a

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Calm and mad hype came together in the form of Sam Smith and Burna Boy. The two stars have released a collaborative single titled ‘Oasis’.

‘Oasis’ is in this context used as is; a source of life. In the context of this song, Sam Smith and Burna Boy are speaking of finding life in a love/the other person.

‘Oasis’ is set on a very melancholic beat packed with a lot of emotion; to match the emotion in the lyrics of the song. Sam Smith keeps his voice pretty much on the same range and we do not get to experience his full vocal range however this works well because it comes together beautifully when Burna Boy joins the party. Burna Boy comes through with his calm vocals and he engulfs the beat so beautifully especially for the outro of the single.

It is exciting to keep watching Burna Boy take the world by storm and even blending into new territory; Sam Smith is an indie popstar and Burna Boy represents the new school Afro-beat artists. We also cannot wait for the video, hopefully there will be one even during this time.

Sam Smith is getting ready to release his new album and maybe this will be part of the project. In the meantime, catch a melancholic vibe with Sam Smith and Burna Boy on ‘Oasis’.

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