Omulangira Suuna Speaks Out on New Regulations Governing Artistes

[Photo Credit/Omulangiira Suuna Facebook]

By Gloria

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Veteran singer Omulangira Ssuna has joined the list of artistes speaking out against the new artistes’ regulations recently passed by Parliament.

According to the regulations, all artistes must get a license to perform and another one to release songs.

Although most artistes are bitter about the regulations, O.S has found some positivity in these rules but he believes they have come at a wrong time.

"I saw all the rules and I support them. You know there are no bad rules but what matters is the time are they released or who they are targeting," he said.

According to Omulangira Ssuna, the music industry is like a child who gets neglected but once the/she makes it in life, they start being taken advantage of. He further noted that the music industry has come from far without any government help financially, and therefore, he does not see a point of oppressing them.

"Right now, we are just fighting to survive. If you enforce those laws on us, right now we are so weak, so the laws will destroy us. I believe in what they said that an artiste only has to perform on one show especially those shows from a far.

“It is not good for an artiste to travel from Mbarara, Mbale and to Jinja at the same time. You can get accidents or not show up at all and fans end up destroying property at the venues," Omulangira Ssuna divulged.

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