The most loved songs in Nairobi right now!!

It’s Monday, which means it’s time we share the list of 25 hot songs of the week; the TOP25 chart ranks songs that have been downloaded the most number of times from last Monday to date.

New entries on the chart include ‘The Franco Cypher’ by Kanyeria, new gospel hit ‘Miracles’, Chiwawa’s ‘Seti Kimbagaa’ and ‘Not Enough’ by Kayvo.

Other new entries include ‘Yuko Juu’ by Labalaa, ‘Stahimili’ by Ben C and Moroko’s ‘Cheki Dem Yangu‘.

Hot song of the week as voted by Mdundo team on merit is new hit ‘Seti Kimbagaa’.

See list below.

1. Asusu - DK Kwenye Beat
2. Nini - Octopizzo
3. The Franco Cypher feat. Kristoff, Khaligraph, RD, K-Deuce and Pro - Kanyeria (NEW!!!)
4. Jana Usiku - Elani
5. Dumbala feat. Sage - Jay A
6. Miracles - Kenn Eddy Krezi (NEW!!!)
7. Risto (Shebesh Sonko Dedication) - Mwafreeka
8. Seti Kimbagaa - Chiwawa (NEW!!!)
9. Ligi Soo Remix - Rabbit (Kaka Sungura)
10. Hivo Ndio Kunaendanga feat Kenrazy - Majirani
- - -
11. Dedication (We Are One) - Khaligraph Jones
12. Cheki Dem Yangu (P-Unit - You Guy Reply) feat. Eli Sketch - Moroko (NEW!!!)
13. Kipepeo - Jaguar
14. Biashara Remix feat. STL and Kristoff - Khaligraph Jones
15. Live Up - Hopekid
16. Money Lover - Sauti Sol
17. Not Enough [Censored] feat. Kimya & D-Major - Kayvo Kforce (NEW!!!)
18. Still The One - Sauti Sol
19. Daima (Kenya Only) - Eric Wainaina
20. Yuko Juu Remix feat. Acline, Nonini, Wendy, Qadah, Prudence, O-Mae, Roso & Calvo Mistari - Labalaa (NEW!!!)
- - -
21. One Day feat. Mr. Seed - Anto Neosoul
22. Malkia feat. Jackie Chandiru - Syd (NEW!!!)
23. Hold You Down feat. Khaligraph Jones - Chess
24. Stahimili - Ben C (NEW!!!)
25. Papaah - Kevoh Yout

HOT SONG OF THE WEEK: Seti Kimbagaa - Chiwawa

All the songs are downloadable on Mdundo for free.

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