Beef Between Navio, Gravity Omutujju and G.N.L Zamba Escalates

By Gloria

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Hip-hop music lovers in the country have been enjoying the beef between rappers; Gravity Omutujju, Navio and G.N.L Zamba.

The focal point of their feud is the need for dominance and self-affirmation of who the best rapper is in the industry.

The battle seems to have escalated after Gravity Omutujju announced on his social media pages that he will be dropping a song titled 'Banyabo' (Women) dedicated to his two rivals.

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In a photo shared online, Gravity has photo-shopped G.N.L Zamba and Navio's faces on a pig and a cow respectively. He described Navio as a broiler who depends on his family name.

"Hello, madam broiler if you had four legs, you would be a freshian. First look for a hit in Uganda then try me because I made more than twenty. I'm busy on the next while you are waiting to grow grey hair to quit the wannabe lifestyle.

“Wizkid dropped you off a song, did this world ever get to know that? The tears you cried in Rwanda. If Rwanda was Vegas, I would not say but Rwanda ain't Vegas (30000 dollars). You could not even win a fellow wannabe (Atlas) many disappointments in your career. R Kelly made you sing because you can't rap. Man, warp yourself. I win because I'm original and young. Y'all can't handle me even if you seek for help together with madam Zamba. (Big pig),"  Gravity divulged.

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