Praiz Ends 10-Year Contract With X3M Music

By Kenneth Kiplagat

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Praise Ugbede Adejo, famous as Praiz, Nigerian R&B songwriter, producer and singer has penned his journey in the music scene as he disclosed end of contract with XEM Music. Praiz's music career hit the limelight after he finished second runner-up at the maiden season of Project Fame West Africa.
Taking to his Instagram page, Praiz shared his heart out.
"A year-plus after Project Fame, I returned to Lagos to chase my dreams, I was young, unsure but full of hope. I kept in contact with Ill Bliss (whom I met during the show in 2008 and was always giving me words of encouragements) and Clarence Peters. They introduced me to Steve Babaeko and got me my first commercial with TomTom Sweets which was a bop!!! Singing, ‘ehh ohh I gbadu the TomTom’.

I kept pushing even though it was so hard, all I had was my laptop that had seen it all, my headphones and my midi controller to make beats. I couldn’t record and I had no money to pay for sessions.

One day I was asked by my friend, Oscar to help engineer one of his projects, and I met Protekniks who was the manager of the studio. We became friends and he offered me free sessions whenever the studio was free, he was heaven-sent.

On the 8th of Feb 2010, Steve Babaeko got me signed to X3M Music, this for me was a dream come true because nobody was ready to take the chance on me. From being a young boy with dreams living in Kaduna to becoming a multi-award-winning musician with international recognitions. Sleepless nights, tenacity and grind with the Team, created this superstar.

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It’s been an amazing 10years of great music, teamwork, patience, love, joy, trials, travels, loyalty and growth with my family X3M Music. It’s always every Father’s dream for his son to grow and succeed, and even greater grace when you have his blessings.

Thank you Xcelar for always looking out for me, your diligence, time away from family and making sure that the brand succeeds, all those sleepless nights weren’t in vain. Thank you Osagie Alonge & BJ for pushing me and believing in my dream. Thank you Ogagus, we had a roll bro filled with great times. Thank you, Wale, you are a great man. Thank you, Naffie Abdul, you are just too amazing and I really appreciate you.

Thank you to all tv/radio stations, magazines, and OAPs that have aided my growth. This is not a parting message but the beginning of greater partnership and relationship, I am and will always be an X3M soldier.

From my heart, I love you."

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