I’m Not Bitter over Failure to Win Tanzanian Awards - Harmonize

By Paul A.

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Konde Worldwide president Harmonize has come out to clarify why he is pushing for Tanzanian homegrown awards under arts body Basata.

Last week, the singer lamented that lack of music awards in Tanzania was demotivating many musicians who only depend on subscriptions to make a living.

Following the lamentation, different stakeholders claimed that Harmonize was bitter because he had not won an award and  was pushing for one.

However, speaking during an interview on Wednesday, Konde Boy stated that his push for awards was not all personal but a move to enhance artiste motivation.

"Tanzania hakuna awards..inapunguza motisha na watu kujituma...kuna baadhi ya waliichukua na kuiweka vibaya eti nazugumza hivo kwa sababu sijashinda tunzo za kitazania...sizungmzi kwa ajili yangu...tuzo ni motivation,” said Harmonize.

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He acknowledged that other countries like Uganda, Kenya, and the United States have their homegrown awards and Tanzania should emulate them.

The singer further stated that awards will go a long way in motivating upcoming musicians in the industry as well as nurture new talents.

Following his plea, Harmonize received support from artists like Alikiba. Just a day after his call, the Basata management came out to state that it was already working on an awards show.

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