Lydia Jazmine Trashes Pregnancy Claims

By Gloria

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Ever since Lydia Jazmine raised eyebrows about her relationship with rapper Fik Fameica, she has been a topic of discussion online, with some tweeps claiming that she is pregnant and expecting the rapper's child.

However, she has dismissed the claims, urging those propagating them to mind their business and avoid meddling in her love life.

"Why are people so much interested in who I am dating? Don't we have a right to date whoever we want or have a private life?... It is well and good when I'm dating someone and show it to you. If I don't, it means you should not come up with stuff," she said.

"I have never been pregnant. Actually at first i thought the rumors were just jokes. I even made a post about it and I told people that we are at home and not working. We are over sleeping and have our peace of mind.I have just gained good weight so I do not know where the pregnancy rumor came from but I have never been. I'm down to earth and friendly with many people. I'm not bothered by those things but they affect our fans,” Jazmine added.

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She, however, noted that she loves children and will one day start a family. As to whether she is dating Fik Fameica, Jazmine did not confirm or deny.

"I do not want to confirm anything about dating. I want my fans for now to take my music. When I'm comfortable showing you the man I'm dating, I will. Should I stop taking photos with Fik Fameca because they say we are dating? Besides, is it bad if we date each other?" she posed.

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