Whozu Drops New Track ‘Aliyeniloga Kafa’

By Branice Nafula

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Renowned Tanzanian musician Whozu has dropped a new song dubbed 'Aliyeniloga Kafa'.

'Aliyeniloga Kafa' is an upbeat Singeli song that narrates the experience of a man who feels free, after the person who had allegedly bewithched him died.

In the new release, Whozu explains the changes in life, and how he can freely walk around knowing he is not afraid of anything.

So far, only the audio has been shared online, with the video expected later.

The audio is doing relatively well online with over 22,000 views in barely one week.

'Aliyeniloga Kafa' has used the Singeli beat which is gaining popularity in Tanzania, and is quite different from his other songs with use modern Bongo beats.

Despite trying something new, Whozu has nailed it, proving that he is dynamic and can easily fit into different music styles.



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