Watch Tarrus Riley in New Video For His Single 'Healing'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Tarrus Riley has put together all our prayers into one beautiful single titled ‘Healing’. He has also put together a powerfully emotive and thought provoking video to capture the audio.

‘Healing’ is a single about much of what is happening in the world at the moment. It picks much of the inspiration from the pandemic and how that has trickled down to everything else. The single speaks on the feeling that you cannot hang out with people, the actual reality that you cannot hug your family and friends and the solitude that is coming with this new normalcy.

‘Healing’ starts off in acapella style with only Tarrus and a couple of backing vocals. It then progresses into the rub-a-dub instrumentation that is still pretty subtle and it eventually switches back to acapella towards the end.

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The video is a compilation of the deserted streets in Jamaica, the Black Lives Matter protests happening all over the world, the drought and more disease outbreaks happening in the world and the effects of the pandemic on people. Tarrus stands at a higher point in his town overlooking the empty streets of Jamaica which is pretty telling of the depth of the single. In the single there are some celebrity appearances by Konshens.

Catch a reflective vibe with Tarrus Riley on ‘Healing’.

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