Wasafi, Konde Beef Escalates as Diamond's Manager Shoves Harmonize’s Hand during Burial Ceremony [Video]

By Paul A.

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After months of speculation, there is no doubt that there exists bad blood between Harmonize and the Wasafi crew.

Harmonize bought his way out of WCB early this year and launched his record label, the Konde Worldwide leaving many to speculate a beef between the two parties thanks to the manner of his exit.

On Monday, it became clear that Harmonize is no longer welcomed at WCB after an ugly incident during the burial of BabuTale’s wife.

BabuTale is one of the managers at WCB, and a close ally of Diamond Platnumz.

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A video emerged online showing Harmonize's hand being shoved by Diamond's manager Sallam SK after the former tried greeting him.

In the video, Sallam was visibly unhappy with Konde Boy’s presence who proceeded to greet other attendees on the dias.

The incident left many in a state of shock, considering it was a burial service and the last place to show any kind of hostility.

After quitting Wasafi, Harmonize revealed that he no longer had any relationship with the current Wasafi members. However, the WCB group never talked about Harmonize, but it is now clear that there is bad blood between the two.

At some point, Harmonize was accused of creating beef with Diamond to gain popularity. Tale's wife Shamisa died unexpectedly on Sunday, June 28.

Watch the video here.

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