Gravity Omutujju Apologises to Navio for Calling Him a 'She'

By Gloria

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Luga flow rapper Gravity Omutujju has been the subject of criticism after he recently appeared on national TV and dissed his fellow rapper Navio.

In his interview, Gravity Omutujju openly referred to the NavCorp boss as a ‘She’.

"The problem is when we speak the truth, you call us bad people. She is a good artiste and we love her music,” he said.

He has, however, apologized to Navio claiming that he confused and used ‘she’ instead of ‘he’.

"By the way, the words 'she' and 'he' confuse me. And I was reminded about that after the interview. I was trying to mean he is a good artist. It was just a slip of the tongue because the words confuse me always. I realized I had made that mistake because I'm not an English man.

"Navio should forgive me if I made that mistake. My friend, just forgive me because I do not know that much foreign language," he said while laughing.

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Responding to Navio who called him a local rapper, gravity noted that he has no problem with that as he is the king of local music.

"I'm the Hip-hop king and Navio knows that. And I like him so much because he does not like fighting. It's just that there are people who try to take him off guard, but he is always steady," he divulged.

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