TID Takes Shot at Bongo Musicians Over-relying on Auto Tunes

By Paul A.

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Legendary Tanzanian singer TID has hit out at various musicians for allegedly lacking basing singing skills.

Speaking during a recent interview, TID pointed out that most musicians in Tanzania are used to utilizing auto tune because they lack singing skills.

 “Wasani wetu wa siku hizi wengi ni wajanja, wanatumia short cut, too much auto tune, too much studio art works...mtu akiimba wimbo wake ume hit akiimba live ni watu tofatuti. (Most modern musicians like short cuts, too much auto-tune, and too much studio artworks...when some sing his hit single live, it's like two different people),” said TID.

According to TID, he has mastered the skills of live performance through practice something that new artistes lack.

TID’s comments might be targeting artistes like Rayvanny and Diamond who mostly deploy auto tune in their songs.

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For example, in some of his productions, Rayvanny usually deploys auto tune for rhythmic quantization to regularize grooves and make them more swinging.

In general, the auto-Tune effect smoothens out the minuscule variations in pitch that occur in singing.

Due to the use of auto tune, most artistes rarely carry live band performances but resort to playback.

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