Karen Describes Joy of Being Loved in New Song ‘Mapendo’

By Branice Nafula

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Tanzanian songstress Karen has dropped new song dubbed ‘Mapendo.

‘Mapendo’ is a love song by a woman describing how good she feels being in love. For Karen, she feels being in love is the only reason that keeps her alive at the moment.

She goes all in praising her husband for the good job he has done so far at loving her.

“Mapenzi, mapenzi ni Kiza, washa taa tuone, nyoyo zinavyo ng’arang’ara, mupenzi , mapenzi ni tiba, Ni[e yaniponye,Kwa raha nala nalala…” reads part of the lyrics.

The new release comes weeks after she did a heart break song “Kitoroli” with legendary bongo star Domokaya.

Karen has always had these beautiful vocals that would totally make you fall in love.

So far, only a lyric video and the audio version of ‘Mapendo’ are available online, with the official video expected later.

It is pretty obvious that Karen is among Tanzania’s fastest rising stars, but still has to contend with the bigger stars in Bongo.

 She has the potential to become bigger and better if she works on calculated collaborations with senior artistes in the industry.

A few months ago, she featured on Rayvanny’s ‘The Flowers Ep’, with such more collaborations, she will get bigger and better.


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