Vanessa Mdee Quits Music, Terms it Demonic as she Seeks her Truth

By Branice Nafula

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Tanzanian songstress Vanessa Mdee has announced that she has quit music.

The 32-year-old artiste made the shocking revelation in the latest episode of her podcast ‘Deep Dive with Vanessa Mdee’.

Vanessa noted that she has decided to quit music in order to focus on other things like being an advocate of honesty, beauty and facing her demons.

The ‘cash madame’ singer said that the music industry is demonic, and therefore her stumbling block to her new mission in life.

Below is an excerpt of what she said about her music career:

“I don’t know who needs to hear this, but I know that my mission is to be a light. I know that I'll probably disappoint a few people and that’s okay. I know that my fans don’t wanna hear this, but guess what, I’m never be too far away from you, trust me. The reason why I had to leave the industry was because I needed to choose my life, the music industry is demonic.

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“People will tell you half-truths about what really goes on, and the truth is I just wanna be an advocate for honesty and beauty and being a sincere advocate for what facing your demons can do for You. Now, my fans are probably asking themselves right now; Are you gonna never sing again? Are we gonna never see you perform?... Let me reiterate, I love music, I love to create, I love to perform, I’m a vessel, this is who I was brought on this earth to be.”

“My advice to anyone out there is that be true to who you are. I used to say this in many interviews but not really understand any of it, because then again it sounded like the right thing to say. But be true to who you are, I had to look at myself, face myself and it was pain, it was shameful, it was scary but I had to do it because there was no other way, and so in that I found peace and in that I found elevation, I found desire and passion for life,” her statement read in part.

The news has left her fans disappointed since many were hoping that she will soon make a comeback in the music industry.

You can listen to her full podcast here.

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