Marioo Drops ‘Unanikosha’ Remix Featuring Nigeria’s Skales

By Branice Nafula

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Fast-rising Tanzanian RnB star Marioo has finally dropped the much awaited ‘Unanikosha’ remix featuring Nigeria’s Skales.

‘Unanikosha’ is a beautiful love song of two men in love with the same girl, and each is trying to prove his love to her.

Skales starts off the song explaining why he loves this girl. He further tells her the extent he would go just to have her.

“I say girl the way you bend you got me in a choco, the way you clap you drive me loco, me wanna serious matter we call the pope ohh, you deh surprise me how you take Kobo ohh…..” the song’s lyrics read in part.

Basically, Skales wishes the girl would be there for him even when things seem not to be working out.

On his part, Marioo comes through with a mellow voice explaining how the lady drives him crazy.

The two singers’ vocals blended well in the song giving the RnB star mileage in the West African market.

Most artistes always do remixes to keep the vibes on a particular song going, and in this, they did it justice. It will surely popularize the original hit that did well, and introduce Marioo to the West African market.

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