Mikie Wine Opens up on His Relationship with Bebe Cool

By Gloria

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Ugandan dancehall artiste Mikie Wine has revealed that he does not hold any grudges with Gagamel International boss Bebe Cool.

Being Bobi Wine's brother and a member of People Power, many expected him to have a beef with Bebe Cool, but the self-styled 'Sulubada High School' headmaster narrated in a phone interview that Bebe Cool's beef with Bobi Wine does not concern him.

He noted that the only disagreement he has with the 'Wakayima' hit maker is regarding his ideologies and what he believes in.

"I do not have a reason to beef Gagamel unless when they come my way. When I find Bebe Cool, I greet him he can even testify to that. I respect him as my elder and their beef with Bobi Wine does not concern me because I do not know why they are fighting. But what we do not agree upon are his ideologies and how he reasons out somethings. But I have no problem with him personally," Mikie Wine said.

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Also addressing the photos showing Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine's sons Alpha and Solomon hanging out, Mikie Wine said he was aware they were friends and was happy that they did not let their parents' indifference tear them apart.

"I knew about their friendship when they were still very young. My brother Bobi Wine used to send me to pick his son, Solomon from school and I would find them together. Sometimes with Bebe Cool's wife. It's just that the differences between their parents overshadowed their friendship but I'm glad they are now old enough to make decisions on their own," Mikie said.

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