Female Musician Litty Brew Passes On

By Naliaka Kitui

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Ghanaian “African Baddest” female musician as she prefers to be called Litty Brew is dead. Speaking to music producer Tomm Beat who used to produce her music, Litty Brew, passed on due to some sickness she had months back.

According to the reports gathered by GhKasa.com Litty Brew was mentioned dead on May 31, 2020 at her family house in Kumasi by a family members. Litty Brew is well known for her hit songs Meaya 911 and her latest No Pain No Gain which were all produced by Tom Beat and can be found across all digital stores.

some friends of her have taken to social media to share some fond memories of the late singer. Amapetal: “Lit wake up ????????????????????????????? Lit don’t leave me please wake up please ?????????????????????????how can you leave me like that who will talk to me who will laugh and beat my ass for not be a good friend ??? who will lie to me to sit here and will nva show up but rather attack u with fight or show up when Eva she wants ?????

who will be making noise from the gate as she is entering inside ???who will be hitting and giving me slaps when she is talking with me ??? who will insult me when I call other people bestie I love you sooooo much and am soooo glad u came to b part of my life ?safe journey love ? I miss you and will always do .was not expecting to write this three words at our age or this year RIP booooo love you ?”

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Guccy_natix: “F** heart broken man she was one of a kind …may your kind soul rest in perfect peace , I can never forget you in my life lit. You taught me how to be a man I stayed with you for years as my fiance you’re the best I’ve ever had in my life since we broke up I’ve never met anyone like you , swear down you’re totally different you really have a good and special heart …The love I got for you will never fade ..rest well obaapa”

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