We Need To Sacrifice More In Our Marriages - Cynthia To Gospel Musicians

By Eugene Brown

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Lead singer of Daughters of Glorious Jesus group, Cynthia Agyare Appeadu, has advised gospel musicians to learn to make sacrifices in every aspect of their lives, including marraige in order to keep their marriages going.

She sent this advise across on during a phone conversation with Dr. Cann on Happy FM’s Showbiz Xtra. In the interview, she admitted that being a celebrity and managing a home may not be easy but to make it work, it is important that sacrifices be made, just like God sacrificed his son for mankind

“God gave up His only begotten son to prove How much He loves us and to cleanse our sins. This tells us that we also need to sacrifice in marriage and in every part of life,” Cynthia said.

She also added that people will see the real love of God demonstrated in their lives, and testify on how smooth life will become only when people make sacrifices.

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Cynthia observed that the rate at which marriages of Gospel musicians are breaking up is very appalling, and thus urged that her fellow sisters learn to live in the ways of our maker, to forgive and to make sacrifices. This hopefully, should keep marriages standing strong.

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