Xtatic Releases Video For Her Collaborative Single With Fancy Fingers Dubbed 'Composure'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Xtatic has been commanding a lot of attention because she is undoubtedly one of the best and well-grounded into the game hip-hop artists we have in Kenya; and this is to say she can go head to head with any female and/or male hip-hop artist in Kenya and take it. She is back to remind us that she is all that with her new single ‘Composure’ featuring Fancy Fingers.

‘Composure’ is a single about being in a relationship that you keep convincing yourself will get better but truth be told, you too know that it is a sinking ship. So, are you mad at the other party or are you mad at yourself? (A great juxtaposition for the title of the single, ‘Composure’).

The Fancy Fingers produced single is a ripped sample of 2pac’s ‘I Ain’t Mad At Cha’. Fancy Fingers takes the rhythm off the beat and builds up the skeleton with a guitar, which I assume he plays. This layering is very minimalistic but sets a mood for the single.

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Xtatic also dares to take samples of the original single and tweaks them to fit the song-situation; a relationship. Her penmanship is amazing and the flow is well executed. She keeps her swag right as she switches from the rap verses to the sang chorus; we almost forgot Xtatic has vocals for days.

The Mushking directed black and white video is shot in an empty house. It features fading shadows of Xtatic’s family. We watch it go from being whole to an emptiness surrounding Xtatic; great translation of the audio into the video.

Catch a vibe with Xtatic and Fancy Fingers on ‘Composure’.


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