Tommy Flavour Denies Writing ‘Far Away’ Song for Diamond

By Paul A.

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Tanzanian singer Tommy Flavour has responded to reports that he wrote music for Wasafi’s Diamond Plainumz.

It had earlier been claimed that Tommy had written the song 'Far Away' where Diamond featured Vannessa Mdee.

During the interview, Tommy noted that the rumors were not true although he acknowledged that he contributed towards the song.

 “I did not write the song for Diamond, I only contributed towards Vanessa Mdee’s verse. Although I have worked with Diamond on a different project,” said Tommy.

 Having worked with both Diamond and Ali Kiba, Tommy acknowledged that the two musicians have an exceptional work ethic that has propelled them to success.

Tommy recently joined Kings Music under Ali Kiba after the departure of Cheed and Killy from the record label.

The musician noted that before joining the label, he was concerned about the exit considering that it might lead to bad press.

He, however, acknowledged that the media has contributed towards making the situation better by supporting Kings Music’s projects.

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 “I was concerned with the exit but the fans alongside the media stood by us. Furthermore, Alikiba stood by me,” noted Tommy.

Tommy added that he was also shocked by the exit of Cheed and Killy from the label since they were like family.

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