Maua Sama: ‘Iokote’ was to Be My Last Release Due to Lack of Success

By Paul A.

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Tanzanian songbird Maua Sama has shockingly revealed that her chart-topping ‘Iokote’ single was to be her last ever song.

Speaking during an interview, Sama stated that she was on the verge of giving up with music production since she was not witnessing much success.

She noted that it had become a routine whenever she released music and it was not getting the required attention.

“I was trying to rise musically, people were praising me for releasing good music but there was nothing to show for it. I was struggling. When I released ‘Iokote’ it changed everything that is when I kept going,” said Sama.

At some point, Sama noted that she had resolved to look for formal employment and in return focus on music for fun.

However, Sama divulged that she kept going despite being heartbroken musically.

“At some point, I was hurt because I was moving forward musically. The most hurtful thing is that there were newcomers who came and surpassed me in the industry,” she added.

Following the success of her hit song ‘Iokote’ featuring Hanstone, she resolved that music was going to be her fulltime career henceforth.

‘Iokote’ has since amassed over 18 million views on YouTube.

Early this month, she released a remix to the song featuring Hanstone and ROSTAM.

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