Fena Gitu Premieres New Song ‘Save the World’ in Amazing Online Concert

By Omondi Otieno

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Renonwed Kenyan musician Fena Gitu popularly known as Fena or Fenamenal Woman was on Saturday the talk of town after she dropped a new jam dubbed ‘Save the World’.

‘Save the World’ advocates for equality in terms of pay, adherence to human rights, and creative a safe world for everyone to prosper.

Despite carrying a serious message, the song has amazing reggae beats that are easy to dance to, while digesting the information in the song.

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“One day I’m gonna save the world, It’s not safe for me, I’m afraid… One day I’m gonna rule the world so I can lay down the law, bending and breaking the rules, freedom for the slaves, legalize the ganja, equal rights for the gay, equal pay, I’mma be my own government…” the song’s lyrics read in part.

Fena premiered the jam in her Saturday night online concert that lasted over an hour on YouTube and her social media pages.

The concert was lively and thrilling as Fena had amazing back up from the Dynamiques Band.

The amazing show also marked Fena’s move from the second to the third floor of life as she turned 30.

Over 13,000 people watched the live stream, with many trooping to Twitter to applaud Fena for the amazing show.

Following the show, Fena became a trending subject in Kenya under the hashtag #FenasFlirty30.


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