Rotimi Releases New Project Dubbed 'Unplugged Sessions'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Artists have been putting together living room concerts for their fans and we have all been enjoying that. But what is even better than just that? When an artist puts together his live acoustics during this time and packages it all into one album. That is exactly what Rotimi has done.

Rotimi has gifted his fans with an unplugged album where he has put together an acoustic concert into one album ‘Acoustic Sessions’.

‘Acoustic Sessions’ is a coming together of all fan favourites and Rotimi jamming to a guitar. You can feel in the easiness that is captured in every single that it was really Rotimi having fun with his people while recording this.

We have all heard Rotimi sing live and in acoustics (which he uses as his breaks during concerts) and I can tell you that this man was created for the stage. He is easy on the mic and his voice is so well rounded up with a beautiful head voice which makes it easy for him to hit all the notes. This project is a pure joy to listen to with all those factors contextualized. He also gives a shout out to the East African queens in the intro of his song ‘Legend’ dedicated to beautiful queens.

Wine down or take a breather today with Rotimi on this chill project ‘Unplugged Sessions’.


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