Three TBT Songs that Popularized Bongo Flava

By Paul A.

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The bongo flava music genre has been around for a while now and it continues to grow and evolve at a rapid pace.

With the current success, the music started from somewhere with pioneer artistes handing over the burton to new generation musicians.

Today we look at three TBT songs that build the foundation for the current bongo wave.

1. Vaileti - Matonya

This song is over a decade old and still fresh in our memories. This poetry masterpiece gave us a glimpse of how bongo music stands out as an inspiration for those in love.

We all jammed to this song memorizing every word.

2. Nyota Yangu -TID

TID is among the legendary bongo musicians with a gift in writing. When 'Nyota Yangu' came out, we saw an artist who puts in the work to write and produce. The composition of this love song can be seen in modern masterpieces like 'Teamo' by Rayvanny.

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3. Dar Mpaka Moro - TMK Wanaume

TMK Wanaume will go down in history as one of the most diverse and successful music duos in Tanzania. Their 2008 'Dar Mpaka Moro' jam introduced to us a fusion of both rap and the basic bongo style. We can see artistes like Nacha incorporate this fusion in their music.

Other songs that set the foundation for the now renowned bongo music genre include; Binti Kiziwi by Z Anto, Anita by Matonya, Kidoto Kimoja by J.I, among others.

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