3 Covers of Alikiba's 'Dodo' Hit That'll Blow You Away

By Paul A.

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Bonga star Alikiba is currently flying high with his latest release ‘Dodo’ that has been received well across Tanzania.

The song is about love where the man is celebrating his wife to be, moments to their wedding.

Based on the song’s success, different emerging musicians have released several covers where some are worth listening to while others need some improvement.

This article reviews three ‘Dodo’ covers that you should listen to:

Gold Boy’s Cover

Out of all the covers, this is the most successful one with almost 50, 000 views on YouTube.

One reason why this cover is a success is that Gold Boy went out of his way to shoot a video.

The video is pretty simple as it only features two people. He stands out due to his vocals that can easily be confused with Ali Kiba’s.

Allydizo’s Cover

Just like Gold Boy, Allydizo has also released a video to the cover. One thing that stands out is his vocals that are also similar to Kiba’s.

Additionally, the artist has tweaked the beats to match his vocals giving the cover some flavour.

Joh’s Cover

From Joh’s cover, we can tell he is a fast-paced singer. In this cover, the beats have been manipulated with a bit of West African sound.

On his part, Joh remains natural throughout the session. He has owned the song without disappointing.


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