3 Bongo Videos You Should Watch This Week

By Paul A.

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The Bongo music industry has been full of activities in April as the rest of the world slows down due to Coronavirus.

This is the month we’ve witnessed new artist signings under different record labels and also the release of chart-topping music.

In this article, we look at the top three songs from bongo land you should be listening to now.

1. Dodo

This song by Ali Kiba was released six days ago and it has managed to garner over two million views in less than a week.

‘Dodo’ is all about love, so if you believe in love, or are in love, then this song should be top on your playlist

2. Nioneshe

Maua Sama, known for her hit  ‘Lokote’, is back with ‘Nioneshe’  which is all about love.

If you love someone and hope to remind them that you will always be there for them, don't look further, this is the jam.

Additionally, it is a song to listen to all day because of Sama’s mellow voice.

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3. Waweza

For your inspiration playlist, Joel Lwaga’s ‘Waweza’ should come second to none. This song helps us praise the Lord and thank him for the blessings.

As you know, Lwaga never gets it wrong as he perfectly ministers and sings in his releases.


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