Hackers Have Taken Control of Our Facebook Page, Ganda Boyz Claim

By Gloria

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With the advance in technology, hacking is increasing day by day in the world. This normally affects celebrities because their social media accounts have huge followings.

Ugandan artistes The Ganda Boys are the latest victims of this malicious act.

The music trio has been forced to battle Facebook after hackers stole control of their account and changed it into a page for quotes and memes.

 The UK-based, African fusion band consisting of Ugandan singers Craig, Denis Mugagga and Dan Sewagudde, has been locked out of their verified Ganda Boys account for weeks, and have accused mysterious hackers of taking control of it.

The group through a Skype call on a TV interview revealed the news also asking people to help them report the account.

They further requested anyone that had the ability to take it from the hackers to contact them for help.

The Ganda Boys account shows it has now been re branded, with '@Yeaahboy1', rather than pictures of Ganda Boys and their music.

The account now publishes quotes, memes and other funny videos to attract followers.

The Ganda boys were formerly known as Da Twinz before they re-branded. They are known for songs like Mudomo, One Love, Ambuse among others.

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