One on One with dancehall artist Hope Kid

Skilled artist Hope Kid has taken the gospel music scene by storm. He is treading a path not many artists in gospel have perfected; new school dancehall.

The artist has a lot up his sleeve and as we found during a One on One with him, there’s a lot more about him than meets the eye.

Why Hope Kid?

The word of God and what surrounds me in my daily life.

What made you realize you wanted to pursue a musical career?

I believe it’s a calling; something that was planted in me since birth. I really had no other option but to pursue it.

If you were to describe your music in a few words what would you call it?

New school dancehall.

Does anyone in particular influence your music?

No. Just the word of God and my daily life experiences.

Do you have any favorite type of music?

Yes of course I do. I love listening to worship n RnB.

If you had the opportunity to change something about the music industry, what would it be?

The hypocrisy in it. It’s time for artists to become real and do everything for the right reasons.

Some of the challenges you have faced as an artist?

Airplay is the major challenge every artist has to undergo but trust me when u have God by your side all things are possible.

Music has an impact on everyone and as an artist you have the platform to impact many so what message of hope do you have for people?

There is a possibility that most people have heard this statement severally from different people but let me say it again that ‘God loves you’. When that sinks in your mind you will begin to do everything through God who strengthens you.

How would you describe success?

It is when hard work, perseverance and persistence are placed together. That is what produces success.

What are some of your immediate goals?

To establish Hope Kid as a brand and establish my clothing line HK Wear.

Is there anything new you are currently working on?

Definately. My fans should look out for more new school dancehall tunes and also some surprising collabo’s from unexpected ground.

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