Fresh Daddy Takes A Pass Head on Over His Role on Bebe Cool’s ‘Corona Distance’

By Gloria

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Ugandan musician A Pass recently came out and dissed Bebe Cool's 'Corona Distance’ in which he actually featured.

In a post on his social media platforms, A Pass first trolled Bebe Cool's introduction where he was reading out the Ministry Of Health toll free number, which the public can use to reach out in case of any corona virus emergencies.

He did not stop at that but also trashed Fresh Daddy's verse saying the latter was too amateur to feature on the same song with him.

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He later jokingly begged Bebe Cool to scrap out his verse because he could not stand featuring on the song with untalented artistes like Fresh Kid and Fresh Daddy.

He actually went ahead to release his own song about the Corona virus.

In their defense, Fresh Daddy and son, Fresh Kid have come out to respond to singer A Pass' claims.

Speaking in an interview on TV, Fresh Daddy maintains that A Pass, real name, Alexander Bagonza is just being unfair because they are actually stars, and by talking about them, he wanted to make headlines.

"He knew everything. What I know is it was a blessing to A Pass for us to be in the same studio. A Pass has talent but he takes long without releasing music. He even does not have a hit song lately. Yes, A Pass despised me a lot by saying that. But these things happen. He only wanted fame." Fresh Daddy claimed.

Upon watching the interview, A Pass being a joker he is, just laughed it off insisting that Fresh Daddy needed to take a nap because he was tired.

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