Foby Releases New Song ‘Punguza’

By Paul A

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Tanzanian singer Foby has dropped a new song dubbed  ‘Punguza’ as he continues with his trend of releasing at least one song every month.

In ‘Punguza’, Foby a fast-rising artiste talks about his troubles with love.

In the lyrics, the ‘Bora’ hit maker lets us know how inexperienced he is when it comes to matters of love.

He talks about how his lover is taking advantage of his  ‘stupidity’ in love to hurt him.

He addresses things like failure to open up by men especially when hurt in relationships.

Foby calls out those who go into relationships but end hurting their partners intentionally.

“Punguza misemo… mama punguzo mipasho...pungizo michosho,“ sings Foby.

Additionally, he talks about the current society where money is perceived to be the language of love.

Foby points out that no matter what you have achieved, without money forget about love.

‘Punguza’ adopts a slow beat synonymous with the bongo music style that majorly focuses on love matters.

Foby delivers the lyrics expertly accompanying the beats that are catchy just like the chorus.

 The incorporation of the acoustic guitar and the piano helps in broadcasting the main message of the song.

This is Foby’s third release in just three months after dropping Bora and Bwana Mkubwa.

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