Tweep Trolled after ‘Winning’ #UtawezanaChallenge

By Branice Nafula

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Over the weekend, Femi One and Mejja’s new song ‘Utawezana’ went viral and created the ‘UtawezanaChallenge’.

The challenge saw netizens create videos with a lip-sync to the lyrics of the song.

A couple of days after the challenge began; Kenyans on Twitter seem to have already gotten the winner of the challenge.

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For one Azziad Nasenya, it was just any other video she has been doing for her Titok app.

When her video of the #Utawezanachallenge went viral, Nasenya became a trending topic among netizens.

Sadly, some bullies opted to troll her instead of just enjoying the fact that the pretty lady had smashed the challenge outright.

She whined her waist to the beat of the song effortlessly, with a wide smile on her face just a depiction of what passion looks like.

In defense of Azziad, Femi one took too her Instagram and posted that the song was never about body shaming, and condemned those trolling Azziad.

 “…So this thing of making it about body shaming and competition is old guys .This wasn’t the point or intention .What does it cost to have simple fun and let others live.”read her post in part.

However, on the brighter side,  a bigger chunk of Twitter users defended her from the trolls having a #istandwithazziad.

Here is a video of Azziad taking part in the challenge.

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