Super group Sarabi lay down their music instruments and speak Football!

As you we all wait for tonight’s World cup face offs, I thought it would be wise to let you know what teams your favorite artists support.

Yes, even our music men in capes can’t escape the football fever! We talked to the ‘Suluhisho” hit-makers Sarabi, had these to say;

“ Sisi tulikyuwa tuna follow the African teams. Did not really matter which specific team as long as we emerged on top” shared a member.

“Sasa since there are no African teams, we choose to remain neutral and appreciate the simple matter of celebration of cultures in Brazil.”  Added Sarabi.

I guess the band does live the messages they spread through their songs; all for one and one for all.

The band recently released their new song, “Nitabaki Na Nani” featuring several huge music industry part takers, and it has been creating quite a wave around town.

Have you heard it? Don’t be left in the dark when Mdundo carries around the music torch.

Love football? Keep it right here.

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