Msami Drops New Song 'Baby Girl' Featuring Alice [Video]

By Paul A.

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Tanzanian singer Msami is back after a long silence with a new single dubbed ‘Baby Girl’.

In the single produced by Mese, Msami has featured Alice who takes on the chorus, and does it justice.

The song is about love, where Msami sings about the troubles people go through in relationships.

He condemns individuals who usually find it hard to live without somebody they love, and urges people to keep busy instead of focusing on heartbreaks.

The song comes out as a duet with Alice blessing us with her iconic voice where she acts as the lover who wants to leave, while Msani begs her to stay.

 “Unipe kisogo moyo wangu utaumia… baby girl… majumba na magari ntajimanaganga ntakununulia….baby girl no matter what they say tutatkuwa wote… baby girl baby girl,” Msami sings.

The song adopts the traditional bongo music beats that incorporate both the new school and some taarab to bring out a high paced rhythm that perfectly blends with the artistes.

 The video which was directed by (Director Joma) Hanscana Brand has incorporated dancers in well-choreographed moves that match well with the song’s high placed beats.

The video shoot gives a different scenic view of Dar es Salam from the rooftop to the streets.

Two days after it premiered, the video has over 10,000 views on YouTube.

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