Wakadinali Release Their New Single 'Lockdown'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Wakadinali are really growing up to be the best hip-hop artists in Kenya; their rhyme, lyricism and delivery is ever on point. They keep proving it with every song they release as they have in their new single ‘Lockdown’.

Well ‘lockdown’ is a term on everyone’s mouth following the COVID-19 pandemic and everyone has to be home. So, in this song, Wakadinali are also talking about the freedom that has been curtailed for them and all of us at the moment.

Wakadinali speak on the situations that happen and for some reason you find yourself in jail. They speak on the right now situation with the lockdown for an artist; they were booked for a couple of shows but they will have to forfeit that because, we are all on lockdown. The trauma that comes with some ordeals such as not wanting to step out for real. All these are some form of lockdown.

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The song is on a fast-paced beat that is sampled a riff off of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble’. The flow of the song is a riff off of a Stormzy’s song but with a lot of originality punched into it. Each punchline and every line are so well delivered, with great flow and good lyricism.

Catch a vibe with Wakadinali on ‘Lockdown’.


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