Bey T Releases new Single 'RiB (Run It Back) and a Monochromatic Video For It

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Bey T had a great 2019 and with the look of things, 2020 is still going to be her year. She over the weekend released new single ‘RiB (Run it Back)’ and a lovely video for the song.

‘Run it Back’ is Bey T taking us through many phases of her life in a simple rap. She lets us a little into her life and then takes us through her spirituality by sharing her ideals and beliefs. The whole song is so well executed that with one slip of concentration you might not know what Bey T is on to with this song.

Bey T chooses a trap beat to rap over; it is a slow-paced melodic vibe with minimal instrumentation giving it a pretty solid street style to it and maintaining a freestyle feel to it. Bey T takes over the beat in a swag that is just as cool with rapping in a Jhene Aiko style; flowing like singing but really rapping. We also get to hear Bey T blowing some mad pipes with the last bridge and Bey T has mad vocals.

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The video is a monochromatic one and the black and white touch to it adds some intensity matching up to that of the lyrics to the song. It takes us through Bey T’s life and the streets on a normal; the gym, in the park and moving through the streets; that boda life.

Catch a vibe with Bey T on ‘RiB (Run it Back)’.

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