Kayumba's Star Continues to Shine in New Song 'Kamwambie'

By Paul A.

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Tanzanian singer Kayumba is back with another love inspired singled dubbed 'Kamwambie'.

 The single produced by Swabri is delivered in a slow soothing rhythm where Kayumba is trying to woo a girl.

Kayumba who seemingly can’t access the girl, talks about how he wishes the girl could love him in a world where real love does not exist.

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At some point, he states that if the girl rejects him, it might be the end of the world, since the heartbreak will be difficult to take in.

“Akisema hanitaki nahisi litapulizwa parapanda...mwisho mwisho wa dunia presha inashuka inapanda..sikiiliza na uende ukwamwambiee Moyo wangu wa mtumba chonde asinimalize ...Fundi jeneza lisinifunikee...Mapenzi yana uma asisikie,” sings Kayumba.

From this single, Kayumba’s songwriting abilities cannot go unnoticed. The lyrics are catchy accompanied by slow beats that complement the song’s theme.

The chorus is all we expected from Kayumba with his poetic mastery coming to light.

The song is Kayumba’s second release in a month after his ‘Mama’ hit single.

Kayumba is one of the fast-rising musicians in Tanzania, and his songs are always well received by fans due to his vocal prowess, high quality production and relatable content.


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