Watch Danny Gift in New Video For the Single 'Dunia Kanisani'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Danny Gift done came through with a message real quick for all the artists trying to live the 50/50 life through their music or otherwise; a reiteration of Mr. T’s maisha finje finje. This is through his new song ‘Kanisa Duniani’.

‘Kanisa Duniani’ opens up with strong lines that immediately let you in on what the song is about, “Dunia kanisani baadala ya kanisa duniani…” It is really Danny Gift calling out people fearlessly and at the same time a prayer to God, asking Him to come through and show the people the way back to the Gospel.

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The song comes at a time when people are about fed up by music that is released by some artists. This is from their choice of videos, collaborations, lyrics and style. In a way, it is timely for the artists themselves especially.

The song is layered on a reggaetone beat but even so, Danny Gift manages to softly sing over the beat. To begin with, Danny Gift crafts his lyrics melodically in Swahili and his voice has a lovely pitch to ever stay on top of a beat. He is precise and does not mince about his delivery in the song.

Catch a vibe with Danny Gift on ‘Kanisa Duniani’.

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