Mimi Mars Treats Fans to New Track 'Haina Maana'

By Branice Nafula

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Tanzania’s superstar Mimi Mars has dropped a juicy song ‘Haina Maana’ to mean it is all hopeless.

Mars; a sister to renowned musician Vanessa Mdee has been keen to keep her own star shinning and this track is just about it.

‘Haina Maana’ is a heart break song where the singer reminisces about the love she once shared with her partner.

For people that have been in love before, this song is just a reflection of what love can do to someone when it all ends.

The pain and torture of thinking you are in love, then it all disappears just once shows how hopeless love can be once in a while.

Mimi Mars starts off by saying, “Nijipoze na nini? Moyo mi unanipwita pwita Nakunywa ananisahau Bado yanakita kita Kila siku kwanini? Kwangu mapicha picha Aah sina angalau…..”

She talks of the desire to let go of what she felt for him but it proves futile. As she goes through the pictures they took together her heart breaks.

I know most of us relate to every line in this song as we keep hoping to fall in love again.

The Kimamba produced hit is clearly a song worth getting on your playlist. I mean we can’t give up on love just because one person broke our hearts.

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