Gospel Hit Maker Collo Releases New ' Nibebe' Off 'Taji La Miba' Album

The song Nibebe (Carry Me) is Collo's 1st release off his first gospel album Taji la Miba. In his new track, the celebrated sheng rapper elaborates his definition of total surrender and submission to God’s divine will in collaboration with beatmaker, Addison Mbugua. Additional live session guitar performed by Benjamin Kabaseke and B.G.V's by Lyrical Ill. The song was recorded, mixed and mastered at Tsunami Studios by Kennedy Kanyeria.

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Flowing from the introduction to the bridge of the song, it is inspired by scripture, Matthew 11: 28 – 30; Isaiah 46:4 & 1 Peter 5: 6. Collo’s brings the message back home though is lyrics. Addison and Kabaseke fuse the dancehall beat with Benga guitar works in a mix that provides just the right vibe for an excellent master.

Collins Majale, the musician aka Collo is based in Nairobi, Kenya.
His music career took off while in high school with rap group Kleptomaniax between 2001 and in 2007, Collo would venture into other sectors within the creative arts scene. Currently pursuing his solo music career, the last single he released was Jijue in 2017 which came after the award-winning hit single Bazokizo in 2016.
In 2009, he met his better half, Phoebe and they are blessed with a beautiful daughter, Tawala. This event sparked thought and a mind-shift in Collins; he was in need of a role model to follow as a young Man, Husband and Father.
In Kenya we have had the gender equality conversation for quite a while but NOT the responsible men conversation, we are at a turning point in the African region where we have a generation of men whose lives are filled with expectations on being Men, Fathers and Husbands with very few or responsible men to look up to for guidance.

In African culture, storytellers especially musicians are yet to be seen as mirrors of society, used to reflect guided change. The Hope Nation Project aims to transform traditional culture to kingdom culture.
The intent is to use the platform as a springboard to reach the young, especially hurting boys in the community, sparking the conversation of being Gentlemen, Fathers, Husbands and ultimately bold leaders in society.
Documentaries including other educational content will be produced on this journey, where Collo in collaboration with other influencers will speak about lessons learnt in their colorful lives and experiences, which are synonymous with a large number of urban youths.
We aim to preach responsibility for actions, brotherly love, as we are fruits of the same tree. We will use the same media outlets that have been tools for the objectification of our Sisters, Mothers and Daughters, which have consistently preached gratification, selfishness, lust and deceit. We intend to engage culture through different activities rotating around music and film production and generate web accessible content that addresses these issues, also to spark the conversations of wellness around them.

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