Bruz Newton x Uga Boyz release new single 'Washa Moto' and a steamy video for it

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Bruz Newton ameimba tuwashe moto na moto ameuwasha kwa kweli. This is in his brand new single featuring Uga Boyz dubbed ‘Washa Moto’ that has come with a video that is fire.

‘washa Moto’ is exactly as it sounds (pick up on your sheng). The audio, done by Jegede is laid on a beat that progresses in a slow but groovy and danceable with a lot of bass to it; the kind of song you want to hear when you are slow-dirty-dancing with someone in the club. Bruz and the Uga Boyz sing through the verses while Bruz mixes the Swanglish verses with what sounds like Baganda in a very seamless and beautiful flow.

As with most of Bruz Newton’s videos, this too is shot in a gym but with more fire like all the men in the video are in open blazers with no shirts and they are showing off their generously oiled and ripped bodies. Bruz Newton is a dancer and in the video he pulls some moves and so do the Uga Boyz. There is body paint and grained shots that give the video an even deeper sensual side to it.

You will get to hear this at your local often. Catch a vibe with Bruz Newton and Uga Boyz on ‘Washa Moto’.

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