Kelechi Africana releases 3 songs ahead of the full release of his EP 'Keep it Fleek'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Kelechi Africana has been releasing music on his YouTube in readiness to release his full EP really soon. The project will be titled ‘Keep it Fleek’. The EP will have 8 tracks and four collabos and 4 singles from the EP will be released.

He has so far released 3 singles with 2 of them being collabos. The 3 singles are; Hamida featuring Arrow Bwoy which is a groovy bongo song which is really Kelechi stepping into Arrow Bwoy’s space. The other song is ‘Yote’ which a solo track and it too is groovy but in a slower beat. The third already released song is ‘Talk to Me’ featuring Maua Sama which has a subtle slow beat but an apparent fast beat to it.

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The EP so far is promising to be an almost rated 18 project because Kelechi is doing that grown and sexy thing. He is a great lyricist and every line is packed with a poetic feel to it and you can tell he has picked his collaborators based off of this. Kelechi’s voice has a benga feel to it and you can hear that he is a well-seasoned singer.

We cannot wait for the other 5 songs off of the EP because with the way it is shaping up, we will be quoting a lot of lines and music tags by Kelechi Africana. In the meantime, catch a vibe on his YouTube.

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