Watch Naiboi and Avril squash beef on new release 'Rada' (VIDEO)

By Ian Jacob

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Naiboi and Avril squash beef on new release ‘Rada’ 

The Pacho CEO and Avril have been going at each other for weeks on end. This came as a result of a Naiboi post on instagram. He asked his fans which female artist he should collaborate with. In the post he clearly stated not to mention Avril. Fans noted the exclusion of Avril as a prospect for collaboration and tagged Avril eagerly waiting for the response.

Avril hooked to the bait, responded ‘"Just got tagged in this! Dude to what extent did I break your heart? 2020 does not want 2018 grudges, holding on for two years?" she wrote. This comment lit a fire on social media ,an online battle between Naiboi and Avril. 

Despite the beef, ‘The Show Must Go On!’ . The two icons, Naiboi and Avril tagged team for a sweet record dubbed ‘Rada’.  ‘Rada’ signs off the peace treaty between the two icons with its romantic lyrics ,an infectious beat and an ear worming hook. 

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