Meek Mill to star in new movie 'Charm City Kings'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Meek Mill was just last year fully acquitted for his problems with the law and he is now having things coming full circle for him. He was arrested as a minor on his bike outside in the hood and he is now set to star in the movies ‘Charm City Kings’ that is about bikes.

The movie is about bikes in the context of competition, gang violence, hood culture and the life of black men and boys with the tag line ‘Every decision has a price’. Meek Mill is the leader of the leading bike crew in the hood and one of the boys wants to join his crew real bad. Meek also takes the initiative to try be a father figure in the boy’s life as he is inducting him into the crew.

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Meek Mill posted on his socials about how he feels great about having this chance to watch his life come full circle with this movie. He continues for full advocacy to keep black men out of prison and especially boys, at least through the trailer of the movie.

The Jada Pinkett Smith produced movie is set to hit theatres on the 10th of April and we can’t wait to watch Meek Mill on the big screen.

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