Alphajiri releases new single and its almost steamy video dubbed 'My Bae'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Alphajiri is a Kenyan duo of two male vocalists. They have released their new single ‘My Bae’ and its amazing video too.

‘My Bae’ is a song that has the two artists talk about their lovers. The two are great writers and the lyrics are well arranged in the context of rhyme and flow. The lyrics also provide us with a catchy and simple yet beautiful hook, “ashajulikana, ashapatikana.”

The song is a beautiful fusion of the bongo and kapuka genres. It is well paced making it danceable and in the same beat nice to chill to. There is a distant sound of the Coastal horns in the instrumentation. Both their vocals are well laid down and seamlessly marry into each other and the instrumentation.

The video is a clean and crisp shot from beginning to the end. The director made use of a lot of natural light and in some few scenes, the helium neon lighting in pink. Everyone in the video blends into the shots with their clothing very well. It is a simple video and has most of the scenes with the duo and their love interests in the video dancing and/or moving.

This is definitely a dynamic duo that is just getting started. Catch a vibe with Alphajiri on ‘My Bae’.

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