Mdundo Celebrity Lunch: A 'Fiti' Catch Up with Gospel Artist Manolo.

by Olave Orawo

Kenyan Gospel sesanation Emmanuel Mwongela a.k.a Manolo just released his latest hit 'Fiti'. This marks his first project in 2020 after his grand solo music career re-launch in 2019, with the release of 'Kamata' featuring Gospel Dancehall King Guardian Angel. 

Mdundo, through its lyrics challenge on social media, gave a chance to two lucky fans; to dine with Manolo over lunch. Carol and Annete had a brilliant time getting to know a dream icon; so did the star of the day. The perfect Valentine's Day afternoon faded off in merry, filled with deep conversations, laughter and of course, the whole point, food. 


Manolo known to different people as Manu or Mwongela depending on how far back you go with him; dag into his childhood, growing up in church and how his former group Recapp came to be. Learning his key strengths, worst regrets and consistent growth, layered a deep yet easy conversation on being human in the glaring spotlight of Christianity.

Manolo gets his inspiration from his conviction in his faith; making his song writing a plunge into magnificent art yet strong messaging. He delves quite skillfully into the art of both singing and rapping and excutes both with perfection. 

The future definitely looks bright for this young, energetic soul. Behind him trails proof of quality and versatility with songs such as 'One by One', 'Mwingine', 'Weka Juu' just to mention a few. 

In his own words; 'Good Vibes from Sunday to the Wiki...'

Watch 'Fiti' by Manolo:

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