Watch Vivian’s New Release ‘Free’

By Omondi Otieno

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Top Kenyan female musician Vivian has released a new song dubbed ‘Free’; where she narrates her story, and the challenges she faced in her early life.

Free depicts the life story of a 21-year-old Vivian who comes from a tough background, yet believes she is set for a great life; a free life away from life's bondages and pressure.

The video tells a story of how she had to do manual jobs, hawking in the evening and running away from Kanjos to earn a living, and pay her fees in school.

After narrating all the challenges, and difficulties she faced growing up, she concludes by saying she is okay and free now, adding that anyone who works hard, prays and believe will end up okay.

The song is an encouragement to those facing challenges in life that they should soldier on and not give up.

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