DRC: Moise Mbiye Kicks off the year with new album 'Triomphe'

By Ian Jacob

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Triomphe est le nouvel album de Moise Mbiye, symbolisant la victoire sur les combats de la vie. Ce nouvel album est un « cocktail » de divers registres musicaux s’inscrivant notamment dans la continuité de ses précédents albums « Champion » et « Héros » dans le message qu'il véhicule.

Originally from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Moise Mbiye is a jack of all tratits; Pastor, speaker, singer, songwriter and performer , he has been  in the music industry since the age of 10. His ‘counter 5 album’ carries with it a lot of diversity and different  sounds. A beautiful piece is the flagship title 'Eben Ezer' (Champion album), 'Tango Naye' and 'Nabimi Molongi' (Hero Album) and finally 'Ye Oyo' from his latest album " I love you, ”

Moise Mbiye returns in 2020  with a new album entitled "Triumph", symbolizing the victory over the battles of life. This new album "Triumph", defined as being a "cocktail" of various musical registers, is in particular a continuation of his previous albums "Champion" and "Hero" in the message it conveys. The artist is planning a tour this year, in Angola, in France, in the United Kingdom and finally in the United States.

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