Marioo releases new 'Aya' video

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Marioo has finally released the video of his heartfelt single ‘Aya’. Listening to the audio, it has all the heartbreaking feels in it and he is an amazing lyricist.

The Adam Juma directed video is simple and it depends a lot on natural light. It gives us the story of love in the village with all the activities that come with it; the huts, the rivers, the much fun of enjoying everything together and in this specific video it is about sharing love in this specific line. Marioo narrates losing love in his lyrics and the video takes us through the dips. Loving someone too much and eventually you would take away their life or yours not to see them with anyone else.

Adam Juma very well translated Marioo’s lyrical vision with this video and the video progresses slowly, cinematically and beautifully as theaudio in itself. Catch a vibe with Marioo on the ‘Aya’video.

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