NIGERIA: Watch Vector new release 'Alaye Jor Jor Jor' (VIDEO)

By Ian Jacob

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Nigeria’s Vector ushers in the new year with a super track dubbed ‘Alaye Jor Jor Jor’. 

The new tune has all the qualities of a hit song , its ear worming hook and infectious beat makes the new tune a contender for the top spot.

Vector seems to be having a lot of fun on his new track ‘Alaye Jor Jor Jor’ as he embeds a lot of wordplay in the track , flexing his lyrical prowess over the mic. In his lyrics Vector proclaims himself as the best rapper in Nigeria. ‘I don’t know about you but am the best rapper in the 234’

Vector has recently released other tracks as well ; Judas the rat and the purge.

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