Eko Dydda releases new song 'Tawala'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Eko Dydda has been away for a while and he is back with a new hit single ‘Tawala’. Tawala is us kind of watching Eko go back to his element to when he dropped his single with Holy Dave. Yes, ‘Tawala’ is exactly that just a beat slower.

Eko really took time to have this prayer turned into a song and still sound as a prayer. He is very hype and it is evident in every song he releases.

‘Tawala’ is Eko slowing down in lyrics and pace. He uses a choir to belt out the chorus to the song. He goes through the hook and seamlessly trends into the verses. He uses his stammer and repetition technique through the verses of the song.

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The video is a white affair for Eko and the choir in their blue uniforms bring the colour to the video which is shot in a church. There is manipulation of lighting for the video to use smoke and stage lights in white. It (the video) too took a simple take to its making.

Catch a vibe with Eko Dydda on ‘Tawala’.


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